DogSavers-Ultimate Puppy Blankets™ - dogsavers
DogSavers-Ultimate Puppy Blankets™ - dogsavers
DogSavers-Ultimate Puppy Blankets™ - dogsavers

DogSavers-Ultimate Puppy Blankets™

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  • Do you have dogs that just love to destroy everything!               
 Have you wasted hundreds of dollars on blankets or furniture!!

  • Are you tired of your dog shredding their hairs on everything especially on furniture or his/her blanket!

The DogSavers-Ultimate UnChewable Blanket For Dogs™ is a patent-pending dog blanket designed to last a lifetime as its resistant towards any sort of playing, chewing, and scratching while being unbelievably soft, comfortable, and durable. 



It's an all in a luxury blanket made from the finest and toughest fabrics out there making us the best selling blanket in America! As it's been proven to help dogs sleep more pleasantly/comfortably by more than 40% than any other blanket/bed! The magic comes with the interior of the blanket in which feels like having an equivalent to 50 blankets in just one single! It works perfectly for outdoors and indoor use as it can protect your furniture, car seats, dog beds, and other areas from pet hair, dirt, spills, and scratching damage all while blending seamlessly into your home decor.     

                    DogSavers Ultimate Tough Dog Blanket

  • Small blankets are 40 inches by 60 inches, medium blankets 50 inches by 60 inches, large blankets are 55 inches by 65 inches, X-Large 60 inches by 70 inches. Please refer to the chart below.                       
  •  Free shipping worldwide for a limited time only! Standard shipping will take 5-7 days or 3-day shipping available at checkout!                                                                                   
  • Our production sites require our workers to wear masks, gloves, and all the CDC regulations due to the COVID-19 as customer safety is prioritized.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I know what size to get?
  • How easily can this blanket be cleaned? Our dog blanket is easier to clean than clicking that purchase button! As we destroy all the comhbv       waterproof but can be easily cleaned and washed/dry!
  • What's so special about this blanket that is different from others? Our blankets are made from the most durable/thickest material while being the softest, unlike others, ours are not like tarps or have hard textures but instead have a texture equivalent to 50 blankets!            

                                                           How impenetrable are our Well, after many trials and errors we were able to create this one of a kind blanket that has the whole dog community amazed as our blankets are certified even the most ferocious dogs! As seen in the pictures    

   It's perfect for ind  n jbgoors or outdoors especially for dog houses/cages as our blankets will provide your dog a place to call home where she/he can feel pleasant and cozy!  
                The Importance of our Blankets!
This is a public dog-health announcement: Don't let your dog suffer any longer by letting your dog lay on hard surfaces such as cement, wooden floors, any type of tile! As it creates discomfort and pain!    
         What if my dog already owns his own blanket? Around 90% of our consumers that were satisfied to the fullest said the same thing about already having a "soft blanket for there dog" but what people don't realize is that those blankets were not made for dogs! With that being said the only reason why your dog seems to like it or always uses it on a daily bases is that they don't have any other alternative blanket causing discomfort and pain. From this, dogs have been reported to have sleep insomnia leading to sickness and weak bones! Acknowledging this we created our company to reach as many dog owners to realize this problem as its been proven that with our blanket it helps dogs sleep more comfortably by more than 70% compared to any bed/blanket! 
Meet our team that has worked really hard to build a community of happy customers around the world that were satisfied to the fullest and if whatever reason you are unsatisfied please don't hesitate to contact us for our no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee!